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Why Research Your Potential Employer

by Britten Studios  

By giving you an interview, a company is saying that that you are a cut above the rest. The question is: have you come to the same conclusion about them? Most employers will spend a little time scouring social media, and googling the name of the people they interview. If you are serious about a position, you owe it to them to do the same.

3 Reasons Why Employers like It

  • Employers want a good cultural fit. People work harder, use more creative problem solving, and stay at their job longer (not to mention live healthier) when they feel happy in their work. Most of us spend more of our lives with co-workers than we do with our families. By researching ahead of time, you prove to a potential employer that you did your own pre-screening of the culture and have some idea of what you can bring to the team.
  • Employers want people who will work towards a common goal. If you hate cats, then you will never be happy at a pet store. Likewise, if a company goes against one of your core beliefs, you will never respect their role in the economy or society. If you work in a place you secretly (or openly) disdain, then you will never reach your potential as an employee or as a person.
  • Employers want to know that you are looking for more than just a paycheck. Many people define a large part of their identity—their very meaning of self—by what job title they hold or aspire to hold. The company a person works for makes up a BIG part of that definition. So any serious candidate will naturally be curious about the company that could become so meaningful to them. A career can become a meaningful, stimulating, point of pride in a person’s life, or it can be that slow torture you put yourself through in order to pay the bills. Prove that you want a career.

3 Reasons Why it’s Important for Job Seekers.

  • Highlight Company Goals. No one has the time to listen to your entire life story. There are innumerable talents and experiences that make up YOU. By knowing what a company holds in highest esteem, you can steer the conversation accordingly.
  • Is the company worth YOUR investment? Looking at a PR page or researching news outlets will help you see what kind of community involvement the company has and whether or not their ideals align with your own. It will also give you an idea of their profitability and prospects which will tell you of the relative job security you can expect.
  • It’s all about the conversation. Good conversations spring up from discussing common interests. Any good interviewer will absolutely perk up during a discussion about their company. If you come in reasonably well informed, you can ask better questions, and have more insightful responses. A good conversation gives you more opportunity to showcase your positive attributes.

And finally, the most important reason to research a company before going into the interview; if you don’t, the other person will. Showing your interest in the company will display that you believe in the common cause and that you plan to contribute to working towards something greater than yourself.

With a little research, the conversation will flow smoothly and you can feel secure in your future career goals.