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Mecum Auctions Fabric Column Wraps

Paul’s Corner, April 2017

by Paul Britten  

Fabric Column Wraps

Mecum is the world leader of collector car, vintage and antique motorcycle, and Road Art sales, hosting auctions throughout the United States.

With more than 1,500 lots sold at every show each month, it’s important for attendees to navigate and for sponsors to gain visibility. Britten produced these column wraps on a high end fabric material that travels well and is easy to apply.

ExperiGreen Fleet Graphics Truck Decal 3M ControlTac

3M Decals for Fleet Graphics

ExperiGreen is a new lawn service company coming this spring to seven metropolitan areas across the United States.

The artwork was designed in house by Britten Studios. Their fleet of trucks and vans includes 52 unique vehicles which were wrapped with specialty 3M decal by Britten’s certified installers.

ExperiGreen Fleet Graphics Truck Decal 3M ControlTac

OVIO frame at Driscoll Childrens Hospital Parking Garage

Parking Deck Frames

This grand format display measures 37′ H x 37′ W, which calls for a trustworthy and dependable frame.

Britten is the exclusive American distributor of the OVIO™ tensioned frame display system. Designed for professionals, the OVIO framing system’s robust design allows for an ultra-simple, user-friendly placement. The exclusive ‘clipping’ technique goes up quickly and gives the canvas perfect tension, every time.

AdPanel LED Backlit Directories

Custom Backlit Directories

Britten’s AdPanel boasts a crystal clear tempered glass exterior and a robust, internal steel frame. At the heart of the kiosk — available in single- and double-sided options — is a proprietary LED edge-lit core, which evenly and brilliantly illuminates media.

Britten Hardware created four custom vertical units with design details that match the mall’s interior.

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