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Employee Spotlight

by Britten Studios  

Meet Jess Kuznicki

I’m skilled at: Networking, building relationships

On the weekends and free time I am often doing: Traveling, outdoor activities

I’ve never: Piloted an airplane, but hope to learn some day.

Best movie ever: Braveheart

My favorite candy is: Twix

My favorite sports teams are: Lions, Tigers, Red Wings, MSU Spartans

If calories didn’t count I would drink: Arby’s Jamocha Shakes every day

My “at bat” song would be: Slam by Onyx

My start date at Britten: 1/16/2017

This store/brand has a great deal of my money: Delta Airlines

My hero is: Nicholas Ryan Idalski. He served in the Army and lost his life in 2005. We named our son Nicholas Ryan in his honor.

People say I look like: Pacey from Dawson’s Creek

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