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Decals for Uneven Surfaces

Paul’s Corner | November 2014

by Paul Britten  

Decals for Different Occasions

Britten offers a variety of printed adhesive substrates that an be used in a variety of settings.  Large format decals like the ones pictured above are on a 3M material that lends itself well to an uneven surface like concrete, or even stucco. The decals can be trimmed to shape on site, or slightly heated for easier application and removal.


That same material also works well on metal, such as the sliding overhead door shown above. This material is flexible enough to bend with the hinges of this hanger door.  Printed in 30″ paneled strips for ease of installation, the finished presentation is seamless.


On the elevators pictured above, temporary decals were printed on a low tack material that conforms well to this particular application. The graphic carries over both the elevator doors, cuts around the up/down buttons, even looks great when back lit!


Sometimes it’s important to have windows blocked on one side, but vision unobstructed from within.  Then you want ViewThru™ window decals, which gives you a vivid graphic facing the street, and let you see clearly from inside of your building.


We can even show you what it will look like! This concept illustration depicts a proposed location and design for a potential sponsorship.  Even before the mall was completed and opened its doors for business, media locations were sold out for the remainder of the year.


Want to learn more?

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Britten Studios is G7 Certified

Why G7 Matters

by Britten Studios  

Let’s start with a story: It’s the big day. You’ve been tasked with coordinating Coca-Cola®’s new product release concert and you’ve worked endless nights to ensure this event would be perfect. Everything is finally coming together and you can’t wait to see the satisfied look on your client’s face and the thumbs-up from your boss. Trucks are rolling in right on schedule with tents, sound equipment, stage lighting, and a dozen different banners and signs that you ordered earlier this month. You close your eyes and see the finish line. You expand your chest, smell victory…and then it hits you.

You’re not sure what it is, but something’s…off. That’s when you realize the classic Coca-Cola® red printed on your banners, flags, decals, and fence scrims, is a different hue on each piece! It’s not the end of the world, but it’s enough to take your event from outstanding …to satisfactory.

This is where G7 certification comes into play. If the person above had partnered with a G7 certified printer, they wouldn’t have settled for anything less than the perfect Coca-Cola® red.


Here at Britten, we’re proud to be G7 certified. This international color management system uses imbedded codes to adjust coloring instructions to printers based on the style and type of machine being used. G7 knows how an original digital image will differ visually (to the human eye as opposed to a standard computer code) when printed on a specific machine, and adjusts the instructions accordingly.


It’s an automatic system, so printing operators no longer need to manually adjust the digital image’s instructions to each printer to get a visually pleasing color match. This saves a ton of time, and the possibility of human error is significantly reduced. It also ensures that we produce the exact sign that you had in mind.

Neutral colors, such as browns and greys, are more susceptible to color variation because they are made up of more equal combinations of cyan, magenta, and yellow. There isn’t one dominant color, so even a little too much cyan will have more noticeable effect. Without G7, the dark grey background in this Lordstone banner (below) could have printed with a noticeable hint of green or blue depending on the printer. But when you choose a G7 certified printer like Britten, you can be sure that your neutrals (along with all your other colors) will be true to your original design and true to your brand.


Gone are the days of choosing a beloved color in blind faith that the finished product will in fact match your vision. With the G7 printing standard, we ensure that the color of your brand is spot-on, and that every piece of your campaign signage is consistent and beautiful.


Case Study: Fall Fashion Show

by William Krueger  

DENVER (BUSINESS WIRE)The city of Denver played host last month to over 3,500 women from around the country, who descended upon the city for The Scoop; the semi-annual fashion show, collection launch and in-depth business training hosted by CAbi. A leading social selling apparel business, CAbi is a designer women’s clothing collection that is sold exclusively by its unique network of independent consultants through private, in-home trunk shows.

The Scoop brings together CAbi’s expansive network of female entrepreneurs to celebrate the accomplishments of the past season and introduce the new season’s collection. This season, the highly anticipated three-day event brought over 3,500 consultants, guests and employees to Denver. Taking over the Colorado Convention Center, The Scoop brings in an estimated $6.9 million dollars in business to the area through lodging, dining and transportation.


Britten Studios contributed to the event with large format prints which greeted attendees at every turn, building excitement for the show and reinforcing the CAbi brand.


Both inside and out, the spectacular glass entrances to the Convention Center were wrapped with oversized fashion photos and colorful messaging which was printed on adhesive decal material.


Huge vinyl banners (some as large as 50’ H x 25’ W) were suspended within the cavernous spaces inside the hall.


Bulkheads were adorned with curving banners following the contoured architectural flow.


Display stands were placed at key focal points outside of ballrooms and escalator areas. Elsewhere, temporary fabricated structures served to direct the flow of traffic and created a sense of arrival and destination.


We were thrilled to be a part of this enormous fashion event, and look forward to seeing the upcoming collection!

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Fin Fest – Extended Tour

by Britten Studios  

Last month we gave you a behind-the-scene look at some of the more impressive Miami Dolphins props we made for their Fin Fest tailgate. We love how the foosball table and fin carts turned out, but we believe nothing holds a candle to the quality behind the peripheral elements we created for the festival.

Perhaps sometimes underrated, print elements — banners, decals, backdrops and flags — perfectly frame and emphasize every show-stopping prop for a rich, full aesthetic. In the background? Yes. Superfluous? Absolutely not. Without these pieces, festivals and other venues would appear lackluster, tired and overall less appealing!

A banner company at our core, we have an unparalleled pride in our print capabilities. After all, no other company prints more banners or has created more interesting ways to use them — that’s a fact.

Scroll through the following photos — and maybe even last month’s batch — and note how banners, flags, truss, and other “background pieces” really pull the whole event together. Enjoy!


The resemblance is uncanny, don’t you think?  This match could end in a toss up!


The Arm Wrestle Challenge has been extremely popular with fans both young and old.


Every element of the Fin Fest pregame tailgate is designed to engage and interact with the audience.


Dolphins Strong!  This digitally printed photo backdrop emulates the player’s locker room.


Super Fan Makeover Station: Fins Force volunteers are on hand to paint faces, apply temporary tattoos and hair coloring.  (Notice the director’s chair with the Dolphins logo imprinted on it, at right.)


It’s fun for the kids, and adult fans love it too!


In this Golden Age of Social Media, everyone enjoys a good photo opportunity! #keepitsocial


This recreation of the locker room leaves fans feeling like they’ve been immersed in the complete experience.

And have you seen what we did with the Golfin Carts and Florida’s Longest Foosball Table?  Check out last month’s “Behind the Scenes” feature on these special projects that are truly unique!


Paul’s Corner | October 2014

by Paul Britten  

New Retailer Taking the Nation by Storm

This retailer is fairly new to the American market, but is expanding quickly!  With new stores planned in every major city, their large format marketing draws attention to the opening date and location in the mall.  These “can’t miss” advertisements help raise serious brand awareness.


New Arena Opens in Allentown

Home of the Lehigh Valley Phantoms hockey team (American Hockey League) and the Lehigh Valley Steel Hawks professional indoor football team, the mixed use facility will also be utilized for concerts and other special events. This Friday night, The Eagles will be the first ever concert held at the PPL Center.


Installations included concourse decals, framed display systems and graphics in the corporate suites. Our Pennsylvania-based service crew put the finishing touches on the arena in the nights leading up to the public unveiling!

Action Sports Tour

Now in its 10th year of action, adventure and adrenaline… the traveling sports tour swept into town with just over 12 hours available to complete the installation!


Menu Boards for Restaurants

Our Décor division designed this custom menu board for a restaurant in Florida. We also have a selection of ready-to-go templates and a design checklist to make the process easy for you. As soon as we know the size and space — and what you’re offering on the menu — we’ll provide a ballpark estimate and get started on your initial design concept. Contact us for our free Menu Board Idea Booklet!