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Paul’s Corner | December 2014

by Paul Britten  

Elevator Spectacular Promotion

This television network capitalized on a “can’t miss” visual space at this prominent shopping center in Los Angeles for their new series premier. We used low tack decal to cover every inch of the 23′ H elevator, on each side of both floors.

We love how the artwork came together, with the subway doors fitting perfectly with the lower level elevator doors!


Thanksgiving Halftime

As the Detroit Lions took on the Chicago Bears at Ford Field, Britten was happy to play a part of the community-focused halftime celebration.

Each of the banners for the stage backdrop measure 10′ H x 20′ W and were attached to the truss system, and a 2′ H x 48′ W banner skirted the performance stage.

This was the 75th time that the Lions have played football on Thanksgiving Day, dating back to 1934.  And who did the Lions play on that day?  None other than the Chicago Bears.


Airport Media

Our partner came to us with a unique concept for this airport’s rotunda. They asked if it was possible to suspend a 20′ wide circular frame from the ceiling.

Britten Services utilized three heavy-duty BannerDrop® display systems to hoist the custom frame and the fabric banners which wrapped over it.

Holiday Retail Transformation

Britten was contacted by this retailer to help bring cheer with colorful holiday decals which were applied to escalators and bulkheads in several stores in major urban areas.

In New York, San Francisco and Chicago, our installation crews were able to transform several spaces concurrently over the course of the same weekend!



Barricade Graphics in Malls

This graphic helps serve three purposes: keeping shoppers safe from construction zones, covering unsightly work-in-progress, and directing patrons to other stores and restaurants in the mall.


OVIO Frames on Parking Decks

Britten is proud to be the exclusive provider in North America of the new OVIO display system. The exclusive ‘clipping’ technique goes up quickly and gives the canvas perfect tension, every time. This impressive frame measures 16′ tall by 33′ wide.

Thank You

We sincerely appreciate you and your patronage and wish you the very best!


Decals for Uneven Surfaces

Decals for Different Occasions

by Mike Dudek  

Decals for Different Occasions

Not all adhesive substrates are created equal.

Some are better for certain applications than others, and there are many that can be used in a variety of settings.  Some are intended for long term use, and others are not.  Some work better on glass or metal, whereas others are ideal for painted surfaces like drywall.  And there are also specialty decals that can be applied to textured surfaces.

Britten offers a variety of printed adhesive substrates, and has the expertise to recommend the right one for you!


Large format decals like the ones pictured above are on a 3M material that lends itself well to an uneven surface like brick, concrete or even stucco. The decals can be trimmed to shape on site, or slightly heated for easier application and removal.


That same material also works well on metal, such as the sliding overhead door shown above. This material is flexible enough to bend with the hinges of this hanger door.  Printed in 30″ paneled strips for ease of installation, the finished presentation is seamless.


Decal can be applied to nearly any surface, curved or flat.  These table decals are printed on a specialty decal that holds up well to repeated contact.  A similar material is ideally suited to floor graphics, and treated with a non-slippery laminate.  Rounded corners help keep the edges from peeling.


On the elevators pictured above, temporary decals were printed on a low tack material that conforms well to this particular application. The graphic carries over both the elevator doors, cuts around the up/down buttons, even looks great when back lit!


Sometimes it’s important to have windows blocked on one side, but vision unobstructed from within.  Then you want ViewThru™ window decals, which gives you a vivid graphic facing the street, and let you see clearly from inside of your building.


In some cases (as with elevators), this may even be mandated by fire code. As a safety consideration, passengers must be able to see out from within.


This project was also recently completed on ViewThru material, but notice how the sections were paneled to overlap the mullions.  (What are mullions, you ask? A vertical piece of stone, wood, metal, etc., dividing a window or other opening.  In this case, they’re aluminum!)  This massive graphic measures over 20′ H x 190′ W overall.


We can also show you a concept sketch of what your graphic will look like. This  illustration depicts a proposed location and design for a potential sponsorship.  Even before the mall was completed and opened its doors for business, media locations were sold out for the remainder of the year!


Want to learn more?

Contact us today to learn more about which decal is right for your next project.


Paul’s Corner | November 2014

by Paul Britten  

Special Projects

At Britten Studios, we’re always happy to tackle a unique challenge.

For this outdoor luncheon, our customer asked us to create a one-of-a-kind centerpiece. This cube had to be able to spin 360 degrees and stand on a point in order to emulate a certain icon on this university’s campus.

We printed on a special textile material which was sewn into a pillowcase on 5 sides, wrapped over a lightweight frame and was held together by velcro at the bottom.

Fashionable Sponsorships

This elevator decal looks beautiful in the California sun!

Fire code safety requires that all passengers must be able to see out of the elevator cab, and ViewThru decal makes that possible.  The front lit decal provides a clear graphic, but looks clear from inside.


Grandstand Banners

This banner (17’ H x 57’ W) was printed on wind-permeable AdMesh, which is ideal for large format outdoor applications.

Our customer had to say,  “Thanks again for the exceptionally quick turnaround; everyone is pleased with the transformative quality the banners had.”


Photo Opportunity

This framed display is our BannerStretch™ series (10’ H x 30’ W), which creates a perfectly tensioned banner that looks wrinkle-free, and tight as a drum.

Who wants to be distracted by wrinkly banners in a photo backdrop?  That’s bad publicity.  For social media opportunities like this one, you want to look your very best!


OVIO Frames

Another frame by Britten is our new OVIO  display system. Our installers love the ease of use, and you’re sure to love it, too!  Each frame in this trio measures 20′ x 20′ square.


Trade Show Backdrops

We also love printing fabric banners for trade shows.

Three great things about dye sublimated fabric… 1.) the material feels very lush and elegant, and  2.) the material travels very well from show to show; you can literally crunch it into a ball and it will be almost totally wrinkle-free, and 3.) it doesn’t create a glare with flash photography.

Comic Conventions really bring out the best costumes!  That’s a Madame Tussauds wax figure of Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye.  Looks real, doesn’t it?


Thank You

We sincerely appreciate you and your patronage and wish you the very best!


Britten Studios is G7 Certified

Why G7 Matters

by Britten Studios  

Let’s start with a story: It’s the big day. You’ve been tasked with coordinating Coca-Cola®’s new product release concert and you’ve worked endless nights to ensure this event would be perfect. Everything is finally coming together and you can’t wait to see the satisfied look on your client’s face and the thumbs-up from your boss. Trucks are rolling in right on schedule with tents, sound equipment, stage lighting, and a dozen different banners and signs that you ordered earlier this month. You close your eyes and see the finish line. You expand your chest, smell victory…and then it hits you.

You’re not sure what it is, but something’s…off. That’s when you realize the classic Coca-Cola® red printed on your banners, flags, decals, and fence scrims, is a different hue on each piece! It’s not the end of the world, but it’s enough to take your event from outstanding …to satisfactory.

This is where G7 certification comes into play. If the person above had partnered with a G7 certified printer, they wouldn’t have settled for anything less than the perfect Coca-Cola® red.


Here at Britten, we’re proud to be G7 certified. This international color management system uses imbedded codes to adjust coloring instructions to printers based on the style and type of machine being used. G7 knows how an original digital image will differ visually (to the human eye as opposed to a standard computer code) when printed on a specific machine, and adjusts the instructions accordingly.


It’s an automatic system, so printing operators no longer need to manually adjust the digital image’s instructions to each printer to get a visually pleasing color match. This saves a ton of time, and the possibility of human error is significantly reduced. It also ensures that we produce the exact sign that you had in mind.

Neutral colors, such as browns and greys, are more susceptible to color variation because they are made up of more equal combinations of cyan, magenta, and yellow. There isn’t one dominant color, so even a little too much cyan will have more noticeable effect. Without G7, the dark grey background in this Lordstone banner (below) could have printed with a noticeable hint of green or blue depending on the printer. But when you choose a G7 certified printer like Britten, you can be sure that your neutrals (along with all your other colors) will be true to your original design and true to your brand.


Gone are the days of choosing a beloved color in blind faith that the finished product will in fact match your vision. With the G7 printing standard, we ensure that the color of your brand is spot-on, and that every piece of your campaign signage is consistent and beautiful.


Case Study: Fall Fashion Show

by William Krueger  

DENVER (BUSINESS WIRE)The city of Denver played host last month to over 3,500 women from around the country, who descended upon the city for The Scoop; the semi-annual fashion show, collection launch and in-depth business training hosted by CAbi. A leading social selling apparel business, CAbi is a designer women’s clothing collection that is sold exclusively by its unique network of independent consultants through private, in-home trunk shows.

The Scoop brings together CAbi’s expansive network of female entrepreneurs to celebrate the accomplishments of the past season and introduce the new season’s collection. This season, the highly anticipated three-day event brought over 3,500 consultants, guests and employees to Denver. Taking over the Colorado Convention Center, The Scoop brings in an estimated $6.9 million dollars in business to the area through lodging, dining and transportation.


Britten Studios contributed to the event with large format prints which greeted attendees at every turn, building excitement for the show and reinforcing the CAbi brand.


Both inside and out, the spectacular glass entrances to the Convention Center were wrapped with oversized fashion photos and colorful messaging which was printed on adhesive decal material.


Huge vinyl banners (some as large as 50’ H x 25’ W) were suspended within the cavernous spaces inside the hall.


Bulkheads were adorned with curving banners following the contoured architectural flow.


Display stands were placed at key focal points outside of ballrooms and escalator areas. Elsewhere, temporary fabricated structures served to direct the flow of traffic and created a sense of arrival and destination.


We were thrilled to be a part of this enormous fashion event, and look forward to seeing the upcoming collection!

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