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Retail Barricade Mesh

Paul’s Corner, March 2017

by Paul Britten  

Hello, March… We have big plans for you!  

February may be the shortest month, but the last four weeks were packed with great projects. From retail in Texas to all-star sports in New Orleans — and a special hardware installation at the Lincoln Center in New York City — Britten was on hand to help our customers promote their brands.

Thanks for sharing your time and your special projects with us.

Retail Mesh Barricades

Retail Barricade Graphics

Over 36,000 sq. ft. of wind-permeable mesh material were installed as part of Phase One of this new retail development in Texas.

Installation was facilitated by Britten Services.

Exterior View of the BannerDrop display system recently installed at the Lincoln Center

BannerDrop at the Lincoln Center

Britten was recently in New York City to install a heavy duty BannerDrop display system at the Lincoln Center. Because there was no possibility of bringing in a lift behind the staircase, our installation experts had to erect a scaffold just inside the entrance windows.

Now, it’s as easy as pushing a button on a remote control, and the 50′ H x 10′ W mesh banner raises and lowers to the floor below.

Interior View of the BannerDrop display system recently installed at the Lincoln Center

Custom Photo Booth using Infinity Wall Frames

Custom Photo Booth

This photo booth was assembled using Britten’s Infinity fabric frames in a custom configuration, measuring 8′ H x 8′ W x 4.5′ D.

Fabric is perfect for photo backdrops, because the knit material doesn’t reflect flashes or harsh lighting.

Check out Britten’s hardware page for more ideas on how we can help with your next project!

BannerSaver brackets for Chicago Cubs spring training

BannerSaver Brackets at Spring Training

Remember that time the Chicago Cubs won the world series?

The World Champion Cubs are currently preparing for a brand new season, and BannerSaver wind-spilling brackets were there to welcome them and the Chicago faithful to Sloan Park in Mesa, AZ.

Infinity Backwall and Traffic Graphic Decal

NBA All-Star Game Promotion

For this retail space at a Macy’s store in New Orleans, Britten produced this 8′ H x 10′ W Infinity Backdrop to stand in front of a custom display with a 10′ x 10′ Traffic Graphic Decal.

Burton US Open

Burton US Open

The party is in full swing at the Burton U·S·Open.

Whether you’re watching on television or you made the trip to Vail, watch for large format branding wherever you look.

Britten produced the mesh banners that line the halfpipes, that wrap the towers  measuring how high the snowboarders are in the air, and surround the free event stage.

Best of luck to all of the participants!

Burton US Open Mesh Banners

We sincerely appreciate you and your patronage and wish you the very best.


Isaiah Thomas Center Infinity Frames

Isaiah Thomas Court

by Britten Studios  

Isaiah Thomas has a new home in Tacoma: His own basketball court

The News Tribune (February 10, 2017)

Over the years, generations of elementary school students have played basketball at the Al Davies Boys and Girls Club.

On Friday, a new era — and facility — dawned.  Welcome to Isaiah Thomas Court.

On hand to make the first basket was Thomas himself — Curtis High School’s basketball hero, now with the Boston Celtics — scoring a ceremonial basket against his son, Jaiden, to christen the gym that underwent a nearly six-month renovation at a cost of $150,000.

Thomas and the Celtics played in Portland on Thursday night. Right after noon Friday, he and a couple of team officials drove up to Tacoma for the court dedication ceremony.

A half-hour after his arrival, 40 to 50 children who are Al Davies Boys and Girls Club members were finally let in to see the new 5,700-square foot gymnasium — and Thomas as well.

“I was happy,” said Jerome Smith, a seventh grader at Bryant Montessori School in Tacoma. “I feel we have a real gym and stuff. Isaiah is like my favorite player, too. To see where he has made to (in the NBA) is exciting.”

After saying a few words in front of a crowd of 150 people, Thomas — who turned 28 on Tuesday — looked around his new gymnasium. He paused. He got choked up. He wiped away a few tears.

“I always dreamed of having a gym,” he told the kids. “Now y’all better use it.”

In August, Al Davis Boys and Girls Club officials were notified they were selected as one of 50 boys clubs around American to receive a $50,000 grant from Lowe’s for facility expansion.

That is when Sierra Raynor, the area branch director, reached out to Thomas about the idea of turning the vacated Tacoma Boxing Club gymnasium into a second basketball court.

Thomas was on board from the get-go: Not only did he donate $80,000 of his own money, he got the NBA Players Association Foundation to give an additional $20,000.

It took four months for the court to be completed.

“I was involved in the design,” Thomas said. “It is kind of after the UW’s court with the Seattle skyline. But I wanted something to represent the city where I am from, so we have the Tacoma skyline, Tacoma Dome and my initials in the middle.”

On the back wall is a series of Nike advertising campaigns involving Thomas that first appeared in a train station in Boston. Its slogan was, “Pick Me Last Again” — a sly reference to his history as the last player picked in the 2011 NBA draft.

Thomas asked A.J. Witthoeft, owner of Boston-area Sign Installation Specialists, what happened to the posters when they were taken down after a month.

Witthoeft said it was sent to a warehouse. Thomas thought it would be a nice look in his new gymnasium, so the two worked out a deal that brought Witthoeft out to Tacoma this week and put it up on the wall.

On the opposite wall hangs five of Thomas’ playing jerseys — the UW and his three NBA teams, plus last year’s Eastern Conference All-Star jersey.

Painted all around the gymnasium is a purple-colored stripe at the height of 5 feet, 9 inches — the same height that Thomas stands.

“To have my own court, and this stuff I brought, it is big time,” Thomas said.

Nearly two decades ago, Thomas said his parents would drop him off at open indoor gymnasiums throughout the city. One of them was at Al Davies Boys and Girls Club.

“This was life when he wasn’t at home,” said Keith Thomas, Isaiah’s father. “This is where he shared his dream time.”

Thomas starred at Curtis High School as a point guard for two seasons before going on to the University of Washington.

He was the last pick of the 2011 NBA Draft by Sacramento. After that, he played briefly with Phoenix — and is now an NBA All-Star with the Celtics.

But in the offseason, Thomas still lives in the area, and is active in charity work with this community, including hosting a charity all-star game involving other NBA players during Memorial Day weekend.

“I am who I am because of this city,” Thomas said.

Infinity Fabric Frames


Paul’s Corner, February 2017

by Paul Britten  

This year has been off to a racing start, thanks to an abundance of great projects in a variety of industries!

We’ve had the opportunity to flex our creative muscle for athletic programs, home improvement stores, shopping centers, and even printed custom coasters for a notable artist (Traverse City’s own Paul Welch).

Thanks for sharing your time and your special projects with us.

Stadium Décor

Michigan State University was interested in a way to highlight their former players currently playing in the NFL. They wanted a solution that would allow graphics to be easily changed and moved around as new players enter the league every year and others retire or change teams.

The graphics are digitally printed on magnetic sheets, while the text & logos are all LED backlit. Britten Décor‘s design team coined the phrase “IT ALL STARTS HERE” used in the empty frames to reinforce the idea to any potential recruit that their picture could be on display there some day, and also speak to the developmental nature of the  program.

MSU’s Director of Football Operations told us that they had high expectations for this project working with Britten Décor, and we exceeded them.


Custom Coasters by local artist Paul Welsh

Custom Imprinted Tile

Utilizing recycled materials, Betona Tile by Britten is committed to sustainable manufacturing practices and environmental responsibility. Collaborating with world-class designers and artists, Betona’s collections will lead you to rethinking surfaces.

We hooked up with local artist, Paul Welsh, to create a series of custom coasters that will look pretty incredible, sitting underneath your favorite libation of choice!

Large Format Backlit Displays

Large Format Backlit Displays

This banner is paneled on a specialty backlit vinyl (18′ H x 45′ W) and is certified for outdoor use. Britten’s large format BriteWall display system is illuminated by energy efficient LED lighting.

It’s currently on display at the largest mall on the west coast (Del Amo Fashion Center in Torrance, CA) where it is seen by an average daily audience of over 30,000 people every day!

 Havana Nights holiday party at Britten Studios

Everyone Loves a Good Party!

Havana Nights was the theme of Britten’s holiday party at the end of 2016, and we had so much fun planning and celebrating that we’d love to keep that momentum rolling. Can we help plan and bring to life your next event?

Everything from planning, lighting, staging and live music can be themed by Britten Studios.

The buildings that served as the colorful backdrop were hand drawn and then scanned, and printed at actual scale with our large format digital presses. Mosaic tile printed on non-slip decal covered the tables and dance floor, while vintage cars and tropical flora added a touch of Cuban charm.

Great food, great music, and great fun for the holidays. Here’s hoping we can collaborate on your upcoming gig!

We sincerely appreciate you and your patronage and wish you the very best!



Top 10 Epic Projects of 2016

by Britten Studios  

From local vineyards to professional sports teams across the country, Britten Studios handled a wide range of projects this year. But out everything we touched upon in 2016, we felt that these ten projects highlight Britten’s extraordinarily wide range of capabilities. We had the privilege of working with hundreds of the world’s biggest brands on some pretty darn cool projects (and we sincerely loved every minute of it)!

As we all look to new beginnings in 2017, we’d like to take a look back at a handful of our most epic projects from the past year. We want to sincerely thank all of our customers that helped make 2016 our very best year to date!


No. 10 — Mari Vineyards (Traverse City, MI)

Britten Metalworks and Britten Woodworks recently contributed several special projects to the highly anticipated opening of Mari Vineyards.

At the center of the wine caves is the “Oculus” which boasts a circular opening at the center of its domed ceiling which allows light to shine down from above ground. At the focal point of this light and the center of the Oculus is a large compass rose which points at the sun’s position during the solstice.

The “Oculus” and the other elements shown below combine the many talents of several divisions of Britten Studios!

Mari Vineyards Custom Woodworking and Metalsmithing


No. 9 — Daytona Rising

The crew at Britten Services were excited to travel to southern Florida in January to assist with a $400M makeover at Daytona International Speedway.  Britten installed dozens of BannerStretch frames in the concourses and long runs of colorful mesh material in the bays underneath the grand stands, some measuring over 17’ tall and over 125’ in length.

Five expanded entrances, or “injectors,” lead fans to a series of escalators and elevators, transporting them to three different concourse levels. Each level features spacious social areas, or “neighborhoods,” along the nearly mile-long front stretch.



No. 8 — Meijer Holiday Décor (Multiple Locations)

Hundreds of Meijer stores were decked out for the holidays with point-of-purchase displays cut in the shapes of ornaments and snowflakes.

Over 242,000 square feet of material and 68,000 individual pieces were printed and installed in the weeks leading up to the holidays.  Festive and fun, we really love the colorful designs created by their art team!


No. 7 — Home of the Cruze (Lordstown, OH)

In April 2016, Britten Services replaced a huge banner showing the new model of Chevy Cruze which is seen by an estimated 33,000 Ohio Turnpike drivers who pass by the General Motors plant every day.

The mesh covering is over 60′ tall and nearly 260′ wide (printed in three massive sections) and covers the side of the plant where 5,000 men and women have been making the small, fuel efficient car since 2008.  The Cruze is Chevy’s best-selling car, surpassing 3.5 million global sales and can be found in over 115 countries.


No. 6 — BannerSaver’s European Vacation

Bay Media — our partner in the United Kingdom — has been significantly expanding their footprint in mainland Europe.

As an exclusive distributor of Britten’s patented wind-spilling BannerSaver brackets, they’ve been dressing the streets for such high profile events as the London 2012 Olympics (“Look kids!  There’s Big Ben!”) and the Tour de France.

Shown above, BannerSaver stands proudly in front of the former residence of the Pope in Avignon, France.



No. 5 —  George Bush Intercontinental Airport (Houston, TX)

Our customer first contacted us regarding this project over two years ago, when an initial site survey was scheduled in Houston. Britten Services conducted a follow up survey last October, and the order became official in early 2016. The units were built and sat on the floor for 3 months waiting for airport authority.

To complete this job it took over a dozen people, professional stamps for engineering and airport approval, plus multiple pages of paperwork. Britten Hardware had to adjust the 20′ frame, because the banner turned out to be heavier than anticipated, yet was hoisted by a Heavy Duty BannerDrop® system capable of lifting 160 lbs.

All hardware and the banner had to go through airport security, including a dog sniff! The Installation team had to have an escort at all times, and brought in a specialty lift (known in the industry as “Leo 69”), which is able to reach high enough, yet able to fit through the doors, and bearing minimal weight on the floor.

BannerDrop hoists a fabric cone at George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, TX

Britten Studios aimed to design a portable, interactive exhibit

No. 4 — Feetz Pop Up Shop for Activate, Inc.

What on earth is Feetz, you ask? This amazing new technology utilizes 3D printers to make shoes in hours, custom fitted to your feet, using materials that are good for you and the planet.

With this in mind, Britten Studios aimed to design a portable, interactive exhibit every bit as unique as this innovative product.

Customers received a custom pair 3D printed shoes at the Feetz Pop Up Shop at DSW.  Technicians using state of the art scanners measure participants’ feet in order to create the perfect pair of flats.  The pop up shop toured in October through Columbus, New York, and San Francisco.

Design of the space, logistics, programming, and fabrication were coordinated by Activate, Inc., a Ferndale-based event marketing company.

This special project brought together the combined talents of multiple divisions within Britten Studios, including custom wood counters, an LED backlit logo and iron footstools powder coated in bright orange.

This special project brought together the combined talents of multiple divisions within Britten Studios, including custom wood counters, an LED backlit logo and iron footstools powder coated in bright orange.


No. 3 — High End Fashion on New York’s Long Island

As part of a luxury rebranding campaign, Roosevelt Field, the ninth largest mall in the country, needed a new type of advertising display that would promote their luxury offerings in an elegant and impressive way.

Neiman Marcus and other luxury retailers were looking to drive traffic to their latest stores, the first of their kind to open on Long Island.

After months of testing and prototyping, our engineers produced several new display systems that were up to the challenge. Britten introduced AdPanel and BriteWall (a pair of LED display systems) that compliment our portfolio of industry-leading banner frames and patented display solutions.

Roosevelt Field BriteWall Infinity Standee Neiman Marcus

 Little Caesars Arena Mesh Fencing Detroit Thanksgiving Parade

No. 2 — Little Caesars Arena (Detroit, MI)

Just in time for the Thanksgiving Day parade, the developer responsible for the new arena contacted us to produce over 17,000 square feet of mesh material. We had only four days from the approval of the artwork to print, fabricate and transport all of the banners down to Detroit for their installation team to have them in place.

The long runs of colorful scrim were seen along the parade route as floats, balloons and marching bands paraded in front of the new home of the Detroit Red Wings and the Detroit Pistons, currently under construction and on schedule for the 2017 seasons.

Said Chris Ilitch (the president and CEO of Ilitch Holdings, Inc.), “We will be the only city in the country with all 4 major professional sports teams together in our city core.”

Little Caesars Arena Mesh Fencing Detroit Thanksgiving Parade

 Tennessee Titans Ultimate Fan Experience at Nissan Stadium

No. 1 — Ultimate Fan Experiences

Tennessee Titans fans headed to home games this season were delighted by the Ultimate Fan Experience at Nissan Stadium. There have been a number interactive displays for the enjoyment of fans both young and old! There were 7′ tall letters spelling out #TITANUP, photo backdrops for posing with the team, Size Me Up displays for player comparisons, and even a pair of gigantic swords that towered above the players as they rushed onto the field.

Britten Studios also worked with the Detroit Lions to re-design “Pride Plaza” before game days. Eight fan engagement concepts are setup before each game, including a 40-Yard Dash, Strongman Contest, Plinko Prize Board, and foosball tables with 3D-printed Lions for the game pieces.  All activations feature removable sponsor branding, staffing, and operational support.

Detroit Lions Pride Plaza Ultimate Fan Experience

Britten Havana Nights Party

And Here’s One More — Havana Nights

Britten Studios finished out the year with a Cuban-themed holiday party of our own.

Here in snowy northern Michigan, employees and their families were swept away to Cuba (at least, in spirit) — several fabric backdrops were hand-drawn by Paul Britten (our fearless President), digitally scanned and printed two stories tall.  The banners were suspended from a truss frame was assembled inside of the Park Place dome, along with a small fleet of classic cars and enough stage lighting to illuminate a small island nation.

The music and mojitos had the whole crowd dancing. Look forward to a “behind the scenes” video with a heartfelt message from Paul, which will be coming soon. (In the meantime, here’s a video clip from the DJ booth!)

Can we help plan your party in 2017? Let us know where and when, and if there’s an idea that we can help bring to life!

Britten Havana Nights Party

Betona TileMatch custom printed tile


by Britten Studios Can Match, Replace Any Commercial Tile

Market Leader Betona® Replacement Tile Launches New Service

Traverse City, MI, USA—When world-class venues like Carnival Cruise Lines, Walt Disney Hotels or Hard Rock Café need to replace broken ceramic or porcelain tile, they turn to Betona® Replacement Tile; now those companies and any other can take advantage of, a service to provide virtually identically matched replacement tiles of any size, color or texture, affordably and quickly.

Customers simply complete an online form to receive a free and postage-paid “Betona Box” to effortlessly send a sample of their tile directly to the factory. Once received, Betona’s advanced technology and craftsmanship go to work, matching the color, shape, and pattern of the tile using advanced imaging technology and scanners. The custom replacement tile is then created from scratch, using a patented mixture of Egyptian white cement, recycled glass, water and industrial colorants. A replicated glaze and UV coating complete the process, and provide a perfect match with virtually unlimited array of colors, patterns, and effects.

All Betona Replacement Tiles meet or exceed all ASTM International standards for durability, anti-fade and anti-slip. They also offer substantial benefits over traditional ceramic tile: they are lighter weight with equal strength and have sound-deadening acoustic properties.

Betona currently provides “attic-stock” replacement tile for one of the world’s largest coffee chain stores. General Contractors are directed to the site by the corporate office and receive negotiated pricing and shipments of precisely matched tile within one week of their orders. Betona CEO Paul Britten commented, “Betona is the only replacement tile option for facility managers interested in perfect color matching and fast delivery. We are very proud to be the exclusive global manufacturer of this very unique product line and of this easy-to-use service.”

Those interested in learning more can visit or call 866-248-8832 anytime.

About Betona

Betona has been producing custom tile products since 2009. The company’s tiles are created from recycled materials and are used in floors, walls, murals, and other commercial and residential applications worldwide. Betona Replacement Tiles are custom-matched replacements of virtually any existing ceramic or porcelain tile, available at Betona is wholly-owned by Britten, a national leader in large format digital printing and creative production services. Britten raises awareness for many of the world’s largest brands. Based in Traverse City, Mich., Britten employs 350 craftspeople. For more visit