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Custom Trophy for the Cleveland Cavaliers

Paul’s Corner, May 2017

by Paul Britten  

Custom Trophy for Cleveland Cavaliers

After being down by 26 at the half in Game 3, the reigning NBA champs’ historic win brought them one step closer to a series sweep.

Earlier in the month, Fathead asked Britten Studios to produce this custom “puzzle trophy” shown in the Cav’s locker room. The players add one piece of the puzzle for each victory in their run for a back-to-back championship.

Britten had just 3 days to create the trophy & custom case and deliver in person.

You can check out the video here:

BannerSaver at Signarama Franchise owners at their 2017 Annual Meeting

Increasing Revenue through Light Pole Banner Programs

Team members from our BannerSaver division recently spoke to over 400 Signarama Franchise owners at their 2017 Annual Meeting in Las Vegas. 

The subject was how to increase revenue through the Light Pole Banner Programs using the combination of Print, Hardware, and Install (the associated message being that light pole banners should be thought of as ‘Programs’, not just single light pole banner jobs, for the possibility of recurring revenue)!

Our BannerSaver team works with light pole programs all over the world and are experts in making programs a success.  Please let us know if you would like them to address or discuss with your sales team or relevant association.

BannerSaver at Signarama Franchise owners at their 2017 Annual Meeting

Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport

Installation of Parking Deck Banner

Britten Services recently deployed a veteran crew to Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport to change out the graphic for this massive framed display.

Significantly larger than a standard billboard, this banner measures 34′ H x 108′ W and is digitally printed on our wind-permeable AdMesh™ material.

Minneapolis/St. Paul Airport Installation of Parking Deck Banner

6' H x 28' W BriteWall for Carolina Herrera

Backlit Display Systems for Retail

BriteWall™ LED Backlit Displays are perfect for a diverse range of applications, including high traffic common areas like this one (shown above) at King of Prussia Mall.

It’s the largest mall in the United States, in terms of leasable space, so in-mall advertisers like Calvin Herrera are highly motivated to put their brand in front of shoppers who flock to this destination shopping center.

Wall Decals for Grocery Store in Traverse City, MI

Wall Decals for Grocery Stores

Over 800 sq. ft. of permanent adhesive decal brighten the walls of this grocery store in Traverse City, MI.

Britten Studios helped the customer to design and create graphics.

Wall Decals for Grocery Store in Traverse City, MI

Deerfield Public Library Baby Garden

New Baby Garden

The Friends of the Deerfield Public Library have sponsored a fully-enclosed, cozy play area for infants and early walkers:

Britten’s Woodworks division brought this project to life; they’re experts at both commercial casework, and custom projects like this!

Britten Headquarters in Traverse City, MI

How can we help with your next creative project?

With over 400,000 sq. ft. of production space and a diverse range of capabilities, Britten is ready to fulfill your creative request.

Please think of us whenever you need:

Fabric Banners • Display Systems • Custom Backdrops • Trade Show Signage • Specialty Metal Forming • Casework • Custom Wall Covering • Décor • Pop-up Stores • Event Truss Structures • and much more!

We sincerely appreciate you and your patronage and wish you the very best.




Ideas for Eco-Friendly Branding

by Britten Studios  

Here at Britten, we’re all about helping companies to promote their brands. But with Earth Day fast approaching, we thought it would be worth highlighting several eco-friendly ways that you can reduce your environmental impact, and still make a huge branding impact!


Consider Using Latex vs. Solvent-Based Inks

In the past, the commercial printing industry used solvent-based inks. The solvents contained hazardous chemicals that had a nasty odor and burned violently. The volatile compounds in the solvent were poisonous to people and harmful to the environment.

Many modern companies have made a commitment to reducing the impact of their business on the environment. For them, making sure that their banners and signs are environmentally friendly is a priority.

Fortunately, the technology used to manufacture ink has improved greatly in the last decade. Latex ink was introduced as an alternative to solvent.

Britten Studios is committed to environmentally sound business practices. We own more HP Latex 3500 printers than anyone else in North America. We have an unmatched capacity to fill latex print orders and we use nearly as much latex ink every year than any other company in North America.

Latex vs. Solvent-Based Ink

LED vs. Fluorescent Backlit Comparison


LED vs. Fluorescent Backlit Displays

Compared to a traditional light box system, LED backlit displays use a fraction of the energy consumption. T-8 fluorescents have dominated the lighting industry for years, but the tubes draw about ten times as much power and constantly need to be replaced.

Now, advances in LED technology have made it more affordable and the display not only lasts longer (lifespan of over 50,000 hours is typical), but it’s brighter and runs cooler, also.

For two identical backlit displays as shown above, it would only cost about 1.7 cents per hour for an LED system and over 12 cents per hour for a traditional backlit. Not only is it better for the environment, but it costs less to operate!

 Kemilite Corrugated Cardboard


Corrugated Cardboard vs. Plastic

Kemilite® is a flood-coated cardboard that is commonly used for corrugated applications. Used exclusively indoors, it’s a more cost-effective option than Coroplast (corrugated plastic) and it is easily recycled.

It’s a great option for point-of-purchase displays, or scored packaging like boxes or temporary signage like table tents.

Eco-Friendly Betona Tile


Eco-Friendly, Imprinted Tile

Did you know that Britten now produces custom, imprinted tile – and that it’s more durable than ceramic? Useable on both floors and walls, it can be printed as a pattern or as a completely unique mural.

All products are made right here in northern Michigan, with 50% of the material sourced from fluorescent light bulbs (post-consumer recycled glass). Very little energy is consumed, because no kiln is used in the creation process. It produces zero hazardous waste and zero VOC Air Emissions and leaves as little impact on the environment as possible.

Additionally, installing Britten Tile can also qualify for up to 10 LEED points – we can help projects to obtain credits in three different categories and contribute up to a possible 10 LEED points, as determined by LEED interpretation and approval.

Fabric vs. Vinyl Banners


Consider Fabric vs. Vinyl

Another eco-friendly option for large format branding would be fabric banners. Britten offers five standard materials for use in a variety of applications, both indoors and outdoors.  It’s lightweight and luxurious, compared to traditional vinyl.

Fabric is great for a range of products, including:

Trade Show Table Cover Step and Repeat Logo Backdrop Flags

Contact Britten today to learn more about how you can keep your environmental impact in check, while still making a huge BRANDING impact.

Thanks for reading, and Happy Earth Day!

Mecum Auctions Fabric Column Wraps

Paul’s Corner, April 2017

by Paul Britten  

Fabric Column Wraps

Mecum is the world leader of collector car, vintage and antique motorcycle, and Road Art sales, hosting auctions throughout the United States.

With more than 1,500 lots sold at every show each month, it’s important for attendees to navigate and for sponsors to gain visibility. Britten produced these column wraps on a high end fabric material that travels well and is easy to apply.

ExperiGreen Fleet Graphics Truck Decal 3M ControlTac

3M Decals for Fleet Graphics

ExperiGreen is a new lawn service company coming this spring to seven metropolitan areas across the United States.

The artwork was designed in house by Britten Studios. Their fleet of trucks and vans includes 52 unique vehicles which were wrapped with specialty 3M decal by Britten’s certified installers.

ExperiGreen Fleet Graphics Truck Decal 3M ControlTac

OVIO frame at Driscoll Childrens Hospital Parking Garage

Parking Deck Frames

This grand format display measures 37′ H x 37′ W, which calls for a trustworthy and dependable frame.

Britten is the exclusive American distributor of the OVIO™ tensioned frame display system. Designed for professionals, the OVIO framing system’s robust design allows for an ultra-simple, user-friendly placement. The exclusive ‘clipping’ technique goes up quickly and gives the canvas perfect tension, every time.

AdPanel LED Backlit Directories

Custom Backlit Directories

Britten’s AdPanel boasts a crystal clear tempered glass exterior and a robust, internal steel frame. At the heart of the kiosk — available in single- and double-sided options — is a proprietary LED edge-lit core, which evenly and brilliantly illuminates media.

Britten Hardware created four custom vertical units with design details that match the mall’s interior.

How can we help with your next creative project?

We sincerely appreciate you and your patronage and wish you the very best.


Retail Barricade Mesh

Paul’s Corner, March 2017

by Paul Britten  

Hello, March… We have big plans for you!  

February may be the shortest month, but the last four weeks were packed with great projects. From retail in Texas to all-star sports in New Orleans — and a special hardware installation at the Lincoln Center in New York City — Britten was on hand to help our customers promote their brands.

Thanks for sharing your time and your special projects with us.

Retail Mesh Barricades

Retail Barricade Graphics

Over 36,000 sq. ft. of wind-permeable mesh material were installed as part of Phase One of this new retail development in Texas.

Installation was facilitated by Britten Services.

Exterior View of the BannerDrop display system recently installed at the Lincoln Center

BannerDrop at the Lincoln Center

Britten was recently in New York City to install a heavy duty BannerDrop display system at the Lincoln Center. Because there was no possibility of bringing in a lift behind the staircase, our installation experts had to erect a scaffold just inside the entrance windows.

Now, it’s as easy as pushing a button on a remote control, and the 50′ H x 10′ W mesh banner raises and lowers to the floor below.

Interior View of the BannerDrop display system recently installed at the Lincoln Center

Custom Photo Booth using Infinity Wall Frames

Custom Photo Booth

This photo booth was assembled using Britten’s Infinity fabric frames in a custom configuration, measuring 8′ H x 8′ W x 4.5′ D.

Fabric is perfect for photo backdrops, because the knit material doesn’t reflect flashes or harsh lighting.

Check out Britten’s hardware page for more ideas on how we can help with your next project!

BannerSaver brackets for Chicago Cubs spring training

BannerSaver Brackets at Spring Training

Remember that time the Chicago Cubs won the world series?

The World Champion Cubs are currently preparing for a brand new season, and BannerSaver wind-spilling brackets were there to welcome them and the Chicago faithful to Sloan Park in Mesa, AZ.

Infinity Backwall and Traffic Graphic Decal

NBA All-Star Game Promotion

For this retail space at a Macy’s store in New Orleans, Britten produced this 8′ H x 10′ W Infinity Backdrop to stand in front of a custom display with a 10′ x 10′ Traffic Graphic Decal.

Burton US Open

Burton US Open

The party is in full swing at the Burton U·S·Open.

Whether you’re watching on television or you made the trip to Vail, watch for large format branding wherever you look.

Britten produced the mesh banners that line the halfpipes, that wrap the towers  measuring how high the snowboarders are in the air, and surround the free event stage.

Best of luck to all of the participants!

Burton US Open Mesh Banners

We sincerely appreciate you and your patronage and wish you the very best.


Isaiah Thomas Center Infinity Frames

Isaiah Thomas Court

by Britten Studios  

Isaiah Thomas has a new home in Tacoma: His own basketball court

The News Tribune (February 10, 2017)

Over the years, generations of elementary school students have played basketball at the Al Davies Boys and Girls Club.

On Friday, a new era — and facility — dawned.  Welcome to Isaiah Thomas Court.

On hand to make the first basket was Thomas himself — Curtis High School’s basketball hero, now with the Boston Celtics — scoring a ceremonial basket against his son, Jaiden, to christen the gym that underwent a nearly six-month renovation at a cost of $150,000.

Thomas and the Celtics played in Portland on Thursday night. Right after noon Friday, he and a couple of team officials drove up to Tacoma for the court dedication ceremony.

A half-hour after his arrival, 40 to 50 children who are Al Davies Boys and Girls Club members were finally let in to see the new 5,700-square foot gymnasium — and Thomas as well.

“I was happy,” said Jerome Smith, a seventh grader at Bryant Montessori School in Tacoma. “I feel we have a real gym and stuff. Isaiah is like my favorite player, too. To see where he has made to (in the NBA) is exciting.”

After saying a few words in front of a crowd of 150 people, Thomas — who turned 28 on Tuesday — looked around his new gymnasium. He paused. He got choked up. He wiped away a few tears.

“I always dreamed of having a gym,” he told the kids. “Now y’all better use it.”

In August, Al Davis Boys and Girls Club officials were notified they were selected as one of 50 boys clubs around American to receive a $50,000 grant from Lowe’s for facility expansion.

That is when Sierra Raynor, the area branch director, reached out to Thomas about the idea of turning the vacated Tacoma Boxing Club gymnasium into a second basketball court.

Thomas was on board from the get-go: Not only did he donate $80,000 of his own money, he got the NBA Players Association Foundation to give an additional $20,000.

It took four months for the court to be completed.

“I was involved in the design,” Thomas said. “It is kind of after the UW’s court with the Seattle skyline. But I wanted something to represent the city where I am from, so we have the Tacoma skyline, Tacoma Dome and my initials in the middle.”

On the back wall is a series of Nike advertising campaigns involving Thomas that first appeared in a train station in Boston. Its slogan was, “Pick Me Last Again” — a sly reference to his history as the last player picked in the 2011 NBA draft.

Thomas asked A.J. Witthoeft, owner of Boston-area Sign Installation Specialists, what happened to the posters when they were taken down after a month.

Witthoeft said it was sent to a warehouse. Thomas thought it would be a nice look in his new gymnasium, so the two worked out a deal that brought Witthoeft out to Tacoma this week and put it up on the wall.

On the opposite wall hangs five of Thomas’ playing jerseys — the UW and his three NBA teams, plus last year’s Eastern Conference All-Star jersey.

Painted all around the gymnasium is a purple-colored stripe at the height of 5 feet, 9 inches — the same height that Thomas stands.

“To have my own court, and this stuff I brought, it is big time,” Thomas said.

Nearly two decades ago, Thomas said his parents would drop him off at open indoor gymnasiums throughout the city. One of them was at Al Davies Boys and Girls Club.

“This was life when he wasn’t at home,” said Keith Thomas, Isaiah’s father. “This is where he shared his dream time.”

Thomas starred at Curtis High School as a point guard for two seasons before going on to the University of Washington.

He was the last pick of the 2011 NBA Draft by Sacramento. After that, he played briefly with Phoenix — and is now an NBA All-Star with the Celtics.

But in the offseason, Thomas still lives in the area, and is active in charity work with this community, including hosting a charity all-star game involving other NBA players during Memorial Day weekend.

“I am who I am because of this city,” Thomas said.

Infinity Fabric Frames