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Paul’s Corner | September 2014

by Paul Britten  

Decals for Skate Parks

We’ve produced graphics for action sports since day one.  Does your skate park need decals?  We can produce them!



University Light Pole Banners

As students return to schools across the country, light pole banners are there to welcome them. Great designs add color, build school spirit and helping to identify different departments around campus.

Need hardware? Britten’s patented BannerSaver brackets are the best on the market, spilling 87% of the wind.


Menu Boards & Framed Displays for Concessions Areas

This project for the Chicago Bears incorporated two styles of tensioned frame, including the BannerStretch™ model and BriteWall™  LED backlit displays in other sections of the stadium. The updated graphics highlighted former players and their accomplishments.

Britten Décor also produced wall signs for the newly renamed concessions to help quickly identify where to find a burger or a pizza, etc.


Display Stands for Retail

Our latest display stand model is known as the Infinity™, because it has virtually no border. Each fabric banner is sewn with silicone edging that inserts into a thin aluminum channel. Both the hardware and the fabric prints are made here in Michigan, with hundreds of these systems being shipped to malls across America.

The Infinity Stand can also be affixed with a custom brochure holder (known as the Attaché), sold separately.


This particular project also included a series of decals which were installed on the inside of a pedestrian sky bridge.



A Condo inside a Mall?

by Mike Dudek  

A full scale condominium inside of a mall — that’s how The Gardens at Jackson Creek wanted to introduce the regional audience to their newly opened senior living community in Independence, MO.

With 113 appartment units available and great amenities for active seniors, the developers were eager to spread the word and drive traffic to the floor model that they built at nearby Independence Center and will be on display through the end of the year, situated on the second level of the mall’s central court.

The regional marketing team contacted Britten Studios about creating the large format graphics that would be central to this campaign, and drive traffic to their scale model condo.


At every entrance, shoppers were greeted by floor stands with inviting lifestyle imagery and messaging that called out the location of the floor model.

Britten has worked with Simon Malls for nearly ten years on many out-of-home experiences in their malls across the country, creating graphics and assisting their marketing directors with regional and national promotions.

Simon has invested in Britten’s hardware display systems such as the Infinity™ fabric floor stands, and the remote-controlled BannerDrop™ ceiling hoist which raises 8’ H x 14’ W SkyBanners in their mall’s most heavily-trafficked corridors.

The campaign has been very successful in its first month, and the feedback has been extremely positive.

” The client is VERY pleased and they are seeing great results thus far. We appreciate your support.”

Download the Case Study PDF


large format mesh banner

Paul’s Corner | August 2014

by Paul Britten  

Decorating a New Stadium

For historic venues and new construction alike, Britten is thrilled to be part of the ultimate fan experience.  These huge banners are printed on our wind-permeable AdMesh™ fabric and really set the tone as you approach the new arena!

Out-Of-Home Advertising

This 34′ H x 34′ W wallscape is paneled on vibrant dye sublimated fabric and was designed to direct shoppers to book their vacation at a kiosk that was set up at the mall’s center court.


Entrance Window Decals

We’ve been seeing a few more football helmets in the artwork lately!  Could it be the second half of the summer already??


Original Design by Britten Studios

The goal of this parking deck graphic was to highlight the South End lifestyle, and to guide prospects to their leasing office. Our customer came to us with a fantastic concept, and our designers took care of the rest! This decal was printed on 3M decal and applied right to the face of the brick.


window decals

Build Revenue with Media Studies

by Dave Daenzer  

Mall advertising is on the rise, as retailers are eager to reach shoppers at the point of sale.

And from a retailer’s perspective, identifying the most prominent location at each potential property is a very important part of the process.

The formula is a perfect fit for everyone involved; as the consumer is already at the property with their wallet out, and major brands are looking to connect with them.  And the mall developers can benefit from the additional source of revenue.

There are many forms of advertising at today’s marketplace, including everything from the entrance windows that greet shoppers on their way into the mall, and the banners which are suspended from the ceiling in heavily-trafficked areas, and wrapping escalators and elevators with a very obvious focal message.


The modern food court is also another destination where many patrons converge and spend a significant amount of time. Table clings, column wraps and portable display stands can be an opportune way to reach them in these areas.

But which is going to be the very best opportunity for advertising dollars, and what will be the best method of production to achieve these displays?

Britten has a team of retail experts who in the last 10 years have surveyed literally hundreds of malls all across the country, and seen many different cases where one product might be a better fit than another in that instance.

We can work with you to identify the best locations and your property for your advertisers, and recommend the best methods or hardware systems for each location.

Specifically, we know what sponsorship locations your advertisers are looking for and can help spot a potential location you may have overlooked!


We’ve even built a portfolio of patented display systems (including BannerSaver™ light pole brackets, BannerDrop™ ceiling hoists, and BriteWall™ LED backlit frames) to make your displays look as good as they possibly can, and to change out the graphics as simply as possible.

After building a catalog of photos, our design studio will take these and create mockups showing potential advertisers exactly what their campaign could look like in the context of each media location. These are compiled into a Media Resource Guide which you can share with your prospects.

Our nationwide field team of installation experts will measure and produce a template for exact specifications which you can provide to your advertiser’s agency, or Britten can work with you to create the perfect campaign for your sponsor. We’ve got a portfolio of original designs that we’ve drawn up for customers just like yours!


Our in-house production facility manufactures large format sponsorships on a variety of substrates (including adhesive decals, printable mesh and heavy duty vinyl) and these can be applied or installed by a variety of methods, possibly unique to that specific location.

Our nationwide installation team will  post your media overnight (after hours of operation), where your patrons will see it the following morning!

Contact us today and start building your media inventory.


branding graphics

Campus Rebranding

by Mike Dudek  

As students returned to classes for the 2014 spring semester at Eastern Florida State College, they were greeted by colorful new light pole banners along the boulevards and parking lots, marquee decals and portable flag poles could be seen from nearby roads in front of all four campuses. And in common areas inside of buildings, framed displays as big as 16’ square and large format murals all displayed the new collegiate branding and scenes of students and graduates “looking to the east”.

The school was founded in 1960 as Brevard Community College and was officially reborn on July 1, 2013 as Eastern Florida State College, now offering a selection of 4-year programs in health care and business management. With the name change came also a new logo, and the need to build recognition for their expanded programs of study.


Administrative staff at the college contacted Britten in order to set the wheels in motion to explore rebranding opportunities at each campus. Britten’s branding specialists visited in early fall and surveyed high visibility areas which would create the most impact. Britten Studios then prepared a proposal with original artwork and visual renderings of each proposed location, which were in turn refined in a collaborative process with the administration. Following approval of all elements, production began and installation was scheduled.

Between semesters, a crew from Britten Services was deployed with the complete set of banners and hardware systems and headed down to Florida. Over a period of two weeks, each campus was installed with the new graphics and the feedback from students was extremely positive.

The display systems make it easy to change the banners for future campaigns at the college. Using Britten’s display systems, seasonal messaging, special events and sport schedules can all be updated quickly and easily.

Download the Case Study as a PDF.