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Paul’s Corner | February 2015

by Paul Britten  

Fabric Banners

Underneath this escalator at a bustling commuter center in snowy New England, our east coast service team installed four sets of Infinity™ fabric frames. These were sized and positioned to work around the sprinklers left exposed in between each frame.

There are several benefits to using fabric media. Primarily, the material stays wrinkle-free and holds vibrant color. It is easy to install into the borderless frame, and the fabric banners use eco-friendly ink and are biodegradable.

The frames in this application were side lit for increased visibility and added flair.


Architectural Design

Shown above, the Sales Center’s “Branded Environment” was designed and fabricated at Décor.  Back lighting can really help these branding displays to “pop”!

Britten’s Décor division are also experts at creating unique signage for donor recognition displays commonly found at hospitals, schools & universities and wherever people want to share a little love with people who have helped contribute to their organization.

Our designers can illustrate a 3-D concept that will show you exactly how each element will look. Do you need a consultation for your upcoming project?


Large Volume Screen Printing

Sometimes, you need lots of identical banners. Let’s say, for example, you need a set of banners shipped to every Chevy dealership in the country!

Last month we produced over 5,820 screen-printed TRUCK MONTH banners and 115 digitally-printed MES DE LA CAMIONETA banners.  These were each rolled by our production team and individually bagged with dowels, hanging clips and installation instructions.


Building Wraps

The construction scrim shown below was printed on lightweight mesh material that was installed by our customer over this historic building’s two-story balcony.

Britten Studios created a concept rendering that looks almost exactly like the finished product!


BriteWall™ LED Backlit Framed Displays

BriteWall is the industry’s leading backlit display system for large format graphics. The frame is available in a variety of sizes and powder-coated finishes, while a spring-tensioned component makes installing and swapping banners easy. This LED light box system uses a modest one third the power of traditional light box systems and lasts three times as long.

The display below is our standard 12′ H x 12′ W BriteWall display.  Other standard sizes exist, or we can configure a system to fit your space perfectly.


Thank You

We sincerely appreciate you and your patronage and wish you the very best!



Nationwide Coverage for T-Mobile

by Mike Dudek  

Industry giants are backed by Britten for this spectacular holiday campaign

Cellular providers like to emphasize their extensive national reach, and the company that is uniquely capable of delivering that message from coast to coast is Britten Studios.

A recent partnership this past holiday season saw T-Mobile (one of the top carriers in America) teaming up with the largest developer of malls, Simon Property Group, for a month long national campaign which coincided with the busiest time of the year for retail.

The fourth quarter, specifically the “Black Friday” following Thanksgiving and the weeks that follow, is now an annual spectacle and advertisers typically make their biggest push during this period.

In all forms of media, in particular the variety of out-of-home advertisements found in-mall, they are eager to put their message in front of the holiday shopper at the point of purchase where they are likeliest to spend. These large format printed advertisements come in many forms, and many are specific to the property where they are found (known sometimes in the industry as “indoor spectaculars”).


These might include earthquake arches in Tacoma, elevator wraps in Albuquerque, and also recharge towers and soft seating lounges in Atlanta and Boston. While the size and application might be unique to each, all the printed media bears the same vivid pink with white snowflakes, and all were carried out by Britten’s world class production capabilities and well-oiled National installation network. And all of it was in place by the Friday following Thanksgiving.

Several other standard systems were in fact pioneered by Britten Studios, such as the fabric media screen now found in many soft seating lounges.

SkyBanners  in several standard sizes are hung in heavily trafficked courts and corridors from Britten’s patented ceiling hoist system (the BannerDrop display unit).

And another new product developed by Britten in the past year is the Infinity Standee, which brings together a borderless framed system with luxurious, double-sided fabric prints.

The campaign proved to be enormously successful and was well received by all parties involved. The advertiser, their agency, the malls and their patrons were all delighted by the colorful and entertaining holiday campaign by T-Mobile. And Britten was the company that was uniquely able to deliver that message, nationwide.

“Looks great. And our client loves it. My compliments on execution.”

“Omg LOVE!  Awesome job!!!”    

Want to learn more?

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Top 10 Epic Projects of 2014

by Britten Studios  

Wow, what a great year! We want to sincerely thank all of our customers that helped make 2014 awesome. From large-runs to just plain large, we had the privilege of working with hundreds of the world’s biggest brands on some pretty darn cool projects.

But before we get too deep into 2015, we’d like to take a look back at a handful of our most epic projects from the past year. So sit back, sip that leftover champagne and get inspired as you scroll through our Top 10 Epic Projects of 2014.



The Spring Awakening took place last year in June at Soldier Field in Chicago, Illinois. One of the country’s most epic EDM (electronic dance music) festivals, this 3-day event naturally had some seriously eye-catching stage decorations.

Bass drop? More like drop EVERYTHING. This was an all-hands-on-deck project, as the entire display (over 200 mesh triangles and rectangles) was produced in a mere 24 hours!




With the Dew Tour, there are multiple cities involved every year, which gives it an action-packed, “traveling circus” feel. The big, bold sponsorship signage is designed to withstand extreme elements and was strategically placed for visibility in action shots.

We installed the truss infrastructure, coverings, sponsor banners, and decals for the Dew Tour skate park. For the slopes, we printed flags, fence scrim, and created aluminum cutouts for the top of the truss structures. BannerScroll banners and stands were used in the event displays, and larger-than-life checks were presented to winning athletes.




Our Décor department completed a project for Notre Dame that involved installation of digitally-printed wallpaper overlaid with dimensional lettering. An elegant design brought together several long runs of high-resolution photographs, which showed scenes of student life throughout the various seasons on campus.



 At the semi-annual CAbi fashion show, we brought large format prints to every corner of the event. From larger-than-life decals to multimedia displays, we helped build excitement and reinforce the CAbi brand throughout the venue.

The spectacular glass entrances to the Convention Center were wrapped with oversized fashion photos and colorful messaging which was printed on adhesive decal material.

Huge vinyl banners (some as large as 50’ H x 25’ W) were suspended within the cavernous spaces inside the hall, introducing this three-day event in a truly epic way.






Earlier this year, administrative staff at the college contacted us to set the wheels in motion to explore rebranding opportunities at each campus. Britten’s branding specialists visited in early fall and surveyed high visibility areas which would create the most impact.

We then prepared a proposal with original artwork and visual renderings, which were in turn refined in a collaborative process with the administration.

Between semesters, a crew from Britten Services was deployed with the complete set of banners and hardware systems and headed down to Florida. Over a period of two weeks, each campus was installed with the new graphics. The feedback from students was extremely positive!

Now, with Britten’s display systems, seasonal messaging, special events and sport schedules can all be updated quickly and easily on campus.



Last winter, the world celebrated 17 days of sport-driven global unity in Sochi, and Russia’s 51 billion dollar investment showed to the world the most expensive and elaborate Olympic Games ever conceived.

The opening ceremony, titled “Dreams of Russia” (Сны о России), featured a character named Lyubov (Russian for ‘love’) who flew into the air as she dreamed of grabbing the tail of a kite. We produced a series of huge scenic landscapes (some as large as 20’ H x 50’ W), which passed beneath her as she floated far above the stage.




2014 was a very special year for the Chicago Cubs, who are celebrating one hundred years of baseball being played at Wrigley Field. As part of their “Celebration of the Century” campaign, the Cubs adorned the grandstands next to the iconic red marquee with a paneled banners reading 1914 at left, and 2014 at right.

Also shown above, a series of concrete decals were installed to show the ballpark on Opening Day and other memorable moments over the years.




Britten Services was on hand to install this massive banner (189’ H x 137’ W) which was printed on several sections of wind permeable AdMesh™ material. Installed on the Crowne Plaza Hotel facing the Cobo Center, the giant building wrap welcomed guests to the North American International Auto Show in downtown Detroit.




For half a century, the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department has been overseeing and protecting wildlife habitat in the state of Texas. To help celebrate their anniversary, we helped bring the outdoors inside with an interactive event design.

The use of props integrated into displays with live models and spectacular 3D backdrops left attendances feeling as if they were engaged in activities such as fishing, duck hunting, canoeing, camping or mountain biking, etc.





Early last fall, we unveiled two totally new and interactive creations for the Miami Dolphins’ season-long, pre-game Fin Fest.

The first is a fleet of ‘Fin Carts’ — 12-foot tall, mobile carts in the shape of fins — that feature powerful music systems, PAs, and a t-shirt cannon. The second big creation is a 25-foot long totally custom foosball table that accommodates up to 50 players. We had a blast with this project and loved how everything turned out.

Chock-full of innovation and grand-scale awesomeness, this project was the very definition of epic. Check out the behind the scenes photos here!


Paul’s Corner | December 2014

by Paul Britten  

Elevator Spectacular Promotion

This television network capitalized on a “can’t miss” visual space at this prominent shopping center in Los Angeles for their new series premier. We used low tack decal to cover every inch of the 23′ H elevator, on each side of both floors.

We love how the artwork came together, with the subway doors fitting perfectly with the lower level elevator doors!


Thanksgiving Halftime

As the Detroit Lions took on the Chicago Bears at Ford Field, Britten was happy to play a part of the community-focused halftime celebration.

Each of the banners for the stage backdrop measure 10′ H x 20′ W and were attached to the truss system, and a 2′ H x 48′ W banner skirted the performance stage.

This was the 75th time that the Lions have played football on Thanksgiving Day, dating back to 1934.  And who did the Lions play on that day?  None other than the Chicago Bears.


Airport Media

Our partner came to us with a unique concept for this airport’s rotunda. They asked if it was possible to suspend a 20′ wide circular frame from the ceiling.

Britten Services utilized three heavy-duty BannerDrop® display systems to hoist the custom frame and the fabric banners which wrapped over it.

Holiday Retail Transformation

Britten was contacted by this retailer to help bring cheer with colorful holiday decals which were applied to escalators and bulkheads in several stores in major urban areas.

In New York, San Francisco and Chicago, our installation crews were able to transform several spaces concurrently over the course of the same weekend!



Barricade Graphics in Malls

This graphic helps serve three purposes: keeping shoppers safe from construction zones, covering unsightly work-in-progress, and directing patrons to other stores and restaurants in the mall.


OVIO Frames on Parking Decks

Britten is proud to be the exclusive provider in North America of the new OVIO display system. The exclusive ‘clipping’ technique goes up quickly and gives the canvas perfect tension, every time. This impressive frame measures 16′ tall by 33′ wide.

Thank You

We sincerely appreciate you and your patronage and wish you the very best!


Decals for Uneven Surfaces

Decals for Different Occasions

by Mike Dudek  

Decals for Different Occasions

Not all adhesive substrates are created equal.

Some are better for certain applications than others, and there are many that can be used in a variety of settings.  Some are intended for long term use, and others are not.  Some work better on glass or metal, whereas others are ideal for painted surfaces like drywall.  And there are also specialty decals that can be applied to textured surfaces.

Britten offers a variety of printed adhesive substrates, and has the expertise to recommend the right one for you!


Large format decals like the ones pictured above are on a 3M material that lends itself well to an uneven surface like brick, concrete or even stucco. The decals can be trimmed to shape on site, or slightly heated for easier application and removal.


That same material also works well on metal, such as the sliding overhead door shown above. This material is flexible enough to bend with the hinges of this hanger door.  Printed in 30″ paneled strips for ease of installation, the finished presentation is seamless.


Decal can be applied to nearly any surface, curved or flat.  These table decals are printed on a specialty decal that holds up well to repeated contact.  A similar material is ideally suited to floor graphics, and treated with a non-slippery laminate.  Rounded corners help keep the edges from peeling.


On the elevators pictured above, temporary decals were printed on a low tack material that conforms well to this particular application. The graphic carries over both the elevator doors, cuts around the up/down buttons, even looks great when back lit!


Sometimes it’s important to have windows blocked on one side, but vision unobstructed from within.  Then you want ViewThru™ window decals, which gives you a vivid graphic facing the street, and let you see clearly from inside of your building.


In some cases (as with elevators), this may even be mandated by fire code. As a safety consideration, passengers must be able to see out from within.


This project was also recently completed on ViewThru material, but notice how the sections were paneled to overlap the mullions.  (What are mullions, you ask? A vertical piece of stone, wood, metal, etc., dividing a window or other opening.  In this case, they’re aluminum!)  This massive graphic measures over 20′ H x 190′ W overall.


We can also show you a concept sketch of what your graphic will look like. This  illustration depicts a proposed location and design for a potential sponsorship.  Even before the mall was completed and opened its doors for business, media locations were sold out for the remainder of the year!


Want to learn more?

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