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Paul’s Corner | March 2014

by Paul Britten  

This mall’s entrance sign needed to be covered up temporarily while the 18′ H x 28′ W video screen was being repaired on a highway-facing road in southern California.  With millions of commuters passing by the display, the banners had to be perfectly tensioned to avoid wrinkling or look like a “temporary fix”.  The heavy vinyl material completely blocks out light and shadows behind the display on both sides.

Custom Metal Works for Event Center

To dress up the entrance to this event center, we fabricated the iconic globe logo out of router cut aluminum for the adjacent walls, and  cut white decal which was applied to a special window material.

Custom metal works & decal

A Better Solution for Ceiling Banners

Shown below is an installation in progress with our New England crew working overnight on a monthly media changeover at a busy transportation center out east.  Within minutes, these ceiling banners are lowered to the floor by our patented BannerDrop ceiling hoist system and a new banner is clipped into place and raised back into the air. With dozens of huge banners constantly being changed every month, BannerDrop saves money on installation and makes this new revenue stream possible!



Paul’s Corner | February 2014

by Paul Britten  

February 2014 – Countdown to The Big Game

For those of you living in North America, you know it’s already been a long, cold winter for so many of us here in the northern climates. As we push through the second month of 2014 from our headquarters in Traverse City, Michigan, we focus on two very special winter projects, on the world’s biggest stages.

Super Bowl XLVIII will be the first in the almost 50-year history played outdoors in a northern climate.

New York and New Jersey have reached a fever pitch, with nearby venues joining in the celebration. This concert and event center has hoisted banners both inside and out with colorful graphics promoting The Big Game.


You see our work every day.

Britten Studios love to transform empty spaces into special places. For this 360° television set, a temporary studio in New York was recreated as the inside of Grand Central Station. First photographs were taken at the ACTUAL historic terminal, then stitched together by our art department and printed on rich dye sublimated fabric to eliminate glare from lighting. Our field team in New York City installed these panels, directional signs and even created a custom exterior illuminated marquee!

Have you seen the broadcast on television this week? Tell us about it!

Grand Central Station temporary studio backdrop

The Road to Sochi

The Road to Sochi Tour, presented by Liberty Mutual Insurance, has been counting down the hundred days leading up to the XXII Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia. The tour has been on the road since November 2013 and has visited a dozen cities across America with interactive exhibits sheltered by our MasterTent line of products.

Britten is the exclusive provider of MasterTent (the world’s premium portable event tent) in North America.

MasterTent sheltering the Road to Sochi Tour while in Times Square

In Closing…

We sincerely appreciate you and your patronage and wish you the very best.


Huge building wrap at the North American International Auto Show

Paul’s Corner | January 2014

by Paul Britten  

Can You Name This Car?

Shown above is a huge building wrap on a hotel facing the Cobo Center, home of the North American International Auto Show in downtown Detroit this month. Britten Services was on hand to install this massive banner (over 100′ wide and almost 200′ tall), printed on several sections of wind permeable AdMesh™ material.

According to, this year’s show “featured 50 vehicle debuts with the majority being worldwide. Over 5,000 journalists attended from 60 countries. Over 30 percent of the journalists were international, thus helping to spread automotive news made at NAIAS 2014 to the world. NAIAS is uniquely positioned to be four shows in one – a media preview, an industry preview, a charity preview and a public show with a 9-day run.”

This building wrap measures over 100' wide by almost 200' tall!

Decal application on elevator doors and enclosure

Retail Magic

These elevators were transformed with a creative decal application for a children’s hospital to look like a tree fort (above) and a pair of rocket ships (below) blasting into the air as they rose to the second floor.

Decal application on elevator cabs & shield

Decal application on building exterior

Campus Branding & Hardware Systems

Between semesters, a crew from Britten Services was deployed with the complete set of banners and hardware systems and headed down to Florida. Over a period of two weeks, each of the 4 campuses were transformed with the new graphics.

BannerSaver™ brackets and light pole banners line the entrance boulevards, also RotoTop™ flag poles (shown below), BannerStretch™ frames as large as 16′ H x 16′ W and huge decal applications on several of the building entrances.

These display systems make it easy to change the banners for future campaigns at the college. Seasonal messaging, special events and sport schedules can all be updated quickly and easily.

Portable RotoTop™ flag pole display systems

Happy New Year! Where Will Your Imagination Take You?

As we begin another year, Britten Studios would like to unveil a new website filled with our favorite projects which we hope will captivate your senses and awake your imagination. As the artwork on this campaign suggests, “Where will your imagination take you?”

We hope you will join us in 2014 for your most creative, imaginative year ever!

Where will your imagination take you?


Paul’s Corner | December 2013

by Paul Britten  

Banners for the Holidays

This jumbo banner measures 32′ H x 32′ W and was printed on an elegant fabric material.

Scenic Backdrops

Whether on blockout vinyl or on adhesive decal material on the windows as shown below, imprinted scenes can transform a space dramatically!

Scenic imagery transforms this retail space from an ordinary lounge into a winter wonderland!

BannerDrop® Makes Hanging Banners Easy!

Britten printed hundreds of 8′ H x 14′ W SkyBanners like this one, which were shipped to enclosed shopping centers all across the country in November. Our patented BannerDrop® ceiling display system is powered by remote control and make these installations simple and efficient!

BannerDrop® makes hanging banners easy!

Bulkhead Wrap

This colorful decal wraps the complete way around this mall’s center court.


Bike Rack Covers

These bike racks were fitted with printed slip covers during a downtown tree lighting ceremony.