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Behind the Scenes

by Britten Studios  

Every once in a while, Britten gets a chance to work on a really neat bid for a really big brand. And while working with big brands is nothing new for us, we just love getting to stretch our creative legs and make something that’s never been done before!

Last week marked the completion of one of those opportunities, when we unveiled two totally new and interactive creations for the Miami Dolphins’ season-long, pre-game Fin Fest.

The first is a fleet of ‘Fin Carts’ — 12-foot tall, mobile carts in the shape of fins — that feature powerful music systems, PAs, and a t-shirt cannon. The second big creation is a 25-foot long totally custom foosball table that accommodates up to 50 players. The table is lined with cup holders and features pigskin-textured handles (complete with hand-stitched lacing), and 3-D printed dolphin players in the team’s turquoise and orange color scheme. We had a blast with this project and loved how everything turned out.

Check out the behind the scenes photos below!


The finished result is enjoyed by fans at the first home game of the season.


This preliminary 3-D sketch was drawn by Britten Studios’ design team.


Concept detail of the custom handles.


Overhead view of the 25′ long foosball table.


Hazards were included to represent turnovers and add an extra level of excitement!


The dolphins were computer modeled and 3D printed.


The fabrication team tests the table for performance!


Detail of the finished product.


Detail of the finished handles.


Overhead view.


Closeup of cut away hazard (“PASS INTERFERENCE”).


Initial concept sketch of the “Gol-Fin” Cart.


The prototype for this unique project started with a small model that fit around a remote control truck, and then was built  to fit around an actual golf cart.


The Golfin Carts were highly visible at the first home game, outside of Sun Life Stadium and the Fin Fest pregame tailgate area.


A pair of the Golfins are in formation in front of the stadium entrance area. Each one is fully mobile, wired for sound and capable of launching t-shirts into a crowd of fans!


Ideas to Brighten Your Downtown

by Matt Zerilli  

From main street America to major urban areas, we’ve pulled together a few ideas for ways to brighten your downtown spaces.

Banners with colorful artwork and well designed wayfinding signs can be a great way to build awareness for community events and organizations, direct pedestrian flow, or even generate revenue with sponsorship programs.

Here are five ideas for your consideration!


1. Light pole Banners

Britten has worked with cities large and small with light pole programs that promote non-profit organizations, festivals or museum exhibits.  Almost every city has a festival at some point throughout the year, if not several.

Here in Traverse City, the light poles on Grandview Parkway make mention of the multitude of local festivals held year round. Celebrating the heritage of the city and promoting downtown business, the light pole banners serve an important purpose. They encourage people to visit downtown, while generating revenue for the city’s operational budget.

Four seasons out of the year, these light pole banners can build awareness and brighten the streets with colorful messages that keep people coming downtown.


2. Wayfinding Signage

Interacting with tourists and locals alike, wayfinding signs can take on a myriad of forms. The examples shown above were produced for Traverse City by Corbin Design, and they are a great example of permanent displays that can really help your guests find their way to hotels, restaurants and commercial areas.

A recent movement has also been built around “guerrilla wayfinding”, with temporary signs emphasizing walkability to nearby destinations. These flexible signs have been zip tied to poles in cities such as Raleigh, Santa Fe and Colorado Springs. While not always sanctioned by the city, they did generate conversation in biking safety and in some cases led to the implementation of signs which were in fact supported by urban planners. This is an interesting example of tactical urbanism, where a grassroots effort with minimal budget can create a lasting impact on the community at large.


Whether you need beautiful, permanent displays or temporary signs for festivals and events, Britten Décor specializes in 3-dimensional signs and wayfinding which can help direct traffic to key attractions. Contact us for identification in parking decks and street corners, inside of buildings and ADA signage, as well.


3. Barricade Graphics

Construction is inevitable, but it doesn’t have to look unsightly.  Brighten up vacant or abandoned spaces with colorful barricades to keep pedestrians safe, and interested in the developments to come!  Mesh material can be temporarily stapled to wooden barricades, or alternately, storefront glass can be applied with decals or similar window treatments.

You can create buzz, or announce new downtown businesses that may be coming to the area.

Britten has built a portfolio of false storefronts and creative options for your construction barricades. Please contact us if we can discuss your upcoming project!


4. Fencing Scrim

Printed in long continuous runs or segments which can be easily tied to existing or temporary sections of permanent or chain link fence, Britten’s full color graphics are sure to brighten up your downtown space.

Shown above is a promotional message on the campus of Detroit Mercy, though it would be just as suitable to draw attention to a weekly farmer’s market, weekend festival or other event held temporarily in a public space.

Give us your overall dimensions, and we can take care of the rest!  Our talented team of artists and designers will create a look that you are sure to love.


5. Custom Scaffold Graphics

Wouldn’t you rather see your building look its very best? Why shroud it in ugly scaffolding?

Nothing looks worse on a construction site than unsightly, tattered mesh. But there IS another option!

You can highlight historic or unique architecture while under construction or restoration with a digitally printed curtain with an illustration of the actual building, or any number of other creative solutions.

We’ve redrawn the architectural details of some of the most historic hotels in New York City, or the administration building on a scenic east coast campus as shown above.

In closing, we would love to talk to you about your upcoming project!

Contact us today for a free copy of our Construction & Redevelopment Guide, or helpful tips for starting your City Light Pole Program.


Paul’s Corner | September 2014

by Paul Britten  

Decals for Skate Parks

We’ve produced graphics for action sports since day one.  Does your skate park need decals?  We can produce them!



University Light Pole Banners

As students return to schools across the country, light pole banners are there to welcome them. Great designs add color, build school spirit and helping to identify different departments around campus.

Need hardware? Britten’s patented BannerSaver brackets are the best on the market, spilling 87% of the wind.


Menu Boards & Framed Displays for Concessions Areas

This project for the Chicago Bears incorporated two styles of tensioned frame, including the BannerStretch™ model and BriteWall™  LED backlit displays in other sections of the stadium. The updated graphics highlighted former players and their accomplishments.

Britten Décor also produced wall signs for the newly renamed concessions to help quickly identify where to find a burger or a pizza, etc.


Display Stands for Retail

Our latest display stand model is known as the Infinity™, because it has virtually no border. Each fabric banner is sewn with silicone edging that inserts into a thin aluminum channel. Both the hardware and the fabric prints are made here in Michigan, with hundreds of these systems being shipped to malls across America.

The Infinity Stand can also be affixed with a custom brochure holder (known as the Attaché), sold separately.


This particular project also included a series of decals which were installed on the inside of a pedestrian sky bridge.



A Condo inside a Mall?

by Mike Dudek  

A full scale condominium inside of a mall — that’s how The Gardens at Jackson Creek wanted to introduce the regional audience to their newly opened senior living community in Independence, MO.

With 113 appartment units available and great amenities for active seniors, the developers were eager to spread the word and drive traffic to the floor model that they built at nearby Independence Center and will be on display through the end of the year, situated on the second level of the mall’s central court.

The regional marketing team contacted Britten Studios about creating the large format graphics that would be central to this campaign, and drive traffic to their scale model condo.


At every entrance, shoppers were greeted by floor stands with inviting lifestyle imagery and messaging that called out the location of the floor model.

Britten has worked with Simon Malls for nearly ten years on many out-of-home experiences in their malls across the country, creating graphics and assisting their marketing directors with regional and national promotions.

Simon has invested in Britten’s hardware display systems such as the Infinity™ fabric floor stands, and the remote-controlled BannerDrop™ ceiling hoist which raises 8’ H x 14’ W SkyBanners in their mall’s most heavily-trafficked corridors.

The campaign has been very successful in its first month, and the feedback has been extremely positive.

” The client is VERY pleased and they are seeing great results thus far. We appreciate your support.”

Download the Case Study PDF


large format mesh banner

Paul’s Corner | August 2014

by Paul Britten  

Decorating a New Stadium

For historic venues and new construction alike, Britten is thrilled to be part of the ultimate fan experience.  These huge banners are printed on our wind-permeable AdMesh™ fabric and really set the tone as you approach the new arena!

Out-Of-Home Advertising

This 34′ H x 34′ W wallscape is paneled on vibrant dye sublimated fabric and was designed to direct shoppers to book their vacation at a kiosk that was set up at the mall’s center court.


Entrance Window Decals

We’ve been seeing a few more football helmets in the artwork lately!  Could it be the second half of the summer already??


Original Design by Britten Studios

The goal of this parking deck graphic was to highlight the South End lifestyle, and to guide prospects to their leasing office. Our customer came to us with a fantastic concept, and our designers took care of the rest! This decal was printed on 3M decal and applied right to the face of the brick.