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Paul’s Corner | July 2014

by Paul Britten  

Action Sports Tour

Now in its tenth year, the Dew Tour kicked off last month with skateboard and BMX events which were held over five days of action sport and music.

Britten’s East Coast personnel were on hand to install the decals and AdMesh™ banners for this nationally televised event. You see our work every day, whether in professional sports arenas and hometown events held right in your neighborhood!



Game Stage Sets

We love it when our customers come to us with special projects!

Two game stage sets (Jeopardy and Family Feud) were delivered last week for a corporate event in Chicago.


Magnetic Receptive Panels

Britten recently produced multiple car model kits on sets of (9) magnetic-receptive panels for car dealerships nationwide.



Music Festivals

For this weekend-long concert event, we produced this over 200 mesh triangles and rectangles in just over 24 hours.

Our AdMesh™ material is versatile for many applications, especially large format outdoor print!



Simon Malls Get a Makeover

by Mike Dudek  

Last month, Simon Property Group launched a new logo with the intention of making their brand more recognizable.

The Indianapolis-based corporation is the largest developer of shopping malls in America, with over 300 malls (both enclosed shopping centers and outdoor premium outlet centers) in its portfolio.


And as part of this rebranding campaign, Britten Studios helped with a variety of large format graphics on everything from the entrance windows to the guest services kiosks.  Each mall now lists ‘A Simon Mall’ underneath the corporate logo.

Britten produced over 5,600 individual projects in a total of 246 malls, all completed over a 14-day period.  Projects included SkyBanners, standees, window decals, guest services and barricade graphics.


Simon Malls were looking to bring continuity to their brand across their vast array of retail spaces, and Britten Studios were proud to be partnered in this massive effort.

So how much of a challenge is it to makeover each of their malls in every part of the country in just two weeks?  Britten Studios has the speed and the firepower to pull it off!



Paul’s Corner | June 2014

by Paul Britten  

Britten Décor recently completed a project for this university that involved installation of digitally-printed wallpaper overlaid with dimensional lettering.

An elegant design brought together several long runs of high resolution photographs which showed scenes of student life throughout the various seasons on campus.

Digitally-printed wallpaper showcasing several scenes of student life on campus

barricade graphic in a retail environment

Colorful Barricade Graphics

Our retail team oversaw the production of several colorful storefront decals which helped beautify this soon-to-be-retail space, currently a construction zone.


Conceptual Rendering

This project started in our design studio and recently was printed and installed underneath the grand stands of a major international speedway.  Our field team provided the measurements and our engineers went to work to devise a tensioned vinyl canopy and drew it to scale in a 3D rendering program.  The design team created several variations as the look was defined.


Shown above is the view from the concourse perspective, and below you can see how it looks from the outside of the race track.


Do you have a conceptual project that we can help bring do life?  We’d love to hear from you and get started on your design!


Paul’s Corner | May 2014

by Paul Britten  

Britten Décor helped this retailer with the design, engineer & manufacture of several styles of signage. The estimated project scope started with eight stores last autumn, but with the positive feedback received from the design & turn time, that projection has doubled in quantity for the year ahead!


Scaffolding Wrap at University Building

Is it real or is it construction site? This is an example of a scaffolding wrap that was first digitally sketched, and then printed.

The customer was so happy with the results that they plan on doing this for every job site in the future.


Motor Speedway Installation

Our “big events” crew went on the road recently to put up a number of race track sponsorships that we printed on our large format AdMesh material. As you can see in the photo above, this is quite a challenging space to reach!


Unique Retail Promotion

For this retailer’s grand opening, these “Sky Cubes” were produced out of styrene and foamcore with a custom frame and velcro attachment. The cubes were raised and lowered from our patented BannerDrop™ ceiling hoist system.



Top 5 Hurdles to Innovation

by David Busch  

Innovation isn’t easy. Creating an idea that serves both the needs of customers and the business is challenging. “Healthy-tension” is an inevitable part of the creative process – it is perfectly natural and critical, because it provides focus and a framework for success. Here are the top five hurdles to innovation, which if managed correctly, can help make your project succeed:

1. Alignment of Ownership and Expectations.
The term “innovation” may be one of the most overused in all of business, it’s come to mean anything from incremental (quick to market) to disruptive (requiring significant change). As a result, you must specifically define your innovation ambition at the outset of a project. Be sure to assign a single entity as “point-person” to be responsible for the project, so that delays hiccups can be avoided.

2. Listening for that Magical Idea.
Managers often have the expectation that great customer ideas are created by simply asking people what they need. If you ask them what they want, they reply that they want a better version of what they have today. Creating new opportunities doesn’t come directly from the requests of customers, but rather from designers listening intently, followed by thinking deeply and creating solutions that exceed the customer’s expectations.

3. Embrace Ambiguity.
In the business world, not knowing the answer is perceived as a weakness, and as a result, ambiguity is highly avoided. However, in the design world, innovation is fueled by ambiguity. Great ideas come from thinking differently, and ambiguity allows you to question assumptions and tackle problems from many different perspectives. Embrace the power of ambiguity, for innovation in­­ an environment that constantly seeks to eliminate it.

4. Expecting Linear Progression.
In most projects, fifty percent of the progress is made in the last ten percent of the timeline. Clients expect a direct correlation between time and progress. The gap between the two lines causes tension as clients feel that the project is behind schedule and in risk of failure.

5. Iterative Testing to Win.
Many client / designer projects rely the process of “stage-gate” – you pass-the-test to move forward to the next stage or die. However, design thinking based innovation is a process of constant iteration – continually learning what works and what doesn’t. Clients often look at unpopular designs and see failure and wasted effort, while those used to design thinking,   see it as information to create the next set of designs. Bringing an idea to market requires setting the proper expectations and having the tough conversations to keep everyone focused on clearing hurdles to innovation – and creating a successful launch that results in happy customers.

David Busch
Experiential Industrial Designer